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Episode 39: Benjamin Percy & Helen Atsma

The seventh book from Benjamin Percy is the terrifying THE DARK NET. He tells James what he’s learned writing comics, how he juggles his projects, why his sister slept with the lights on into her... Read More
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Episode 38: Kelly J. Ford & Michelle Hoover

KELLY J. FORD revised and sharpened her debut novel, COTTONMOUTHS, in Grub Street’s Novel Incubator program with our second guest, MICHELLE HOOVER. She and James talk about crappy drafts, depression, the woods vs. the forest,... Read More
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Episode 37: Ian Stansel & Naomi Gibbs

Ian Stansel’s fantastic first novel THE LAST COWBOYS OF SAN GERONIMO plays with the genre expectations of Westerns by setting the murder-revenge in northern California wine country. James and Ian discuss storytelling economy, bringing dead... Read More
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